1 ) Squires and pick up of and to airports and also hotel

· Service with professional’s driver that can English-speaking with every consideration and have experience and science will clear a root and address knowledge is buildings about offices and also housing

2 ) Squires and pick up deep and countryside

· Service leases vehicle with driver that have good character and have had experience will take the air at customers intent region with patient Driver’s character and has good health.

3 ) vehicle Rent per The Time Of Day with minimal using up 3 hours,

Service who can make easy and really flexible with customer need with at services by driver that professional.

4 ) Chauffeur 12 hours price comprises drivers, Gasoline.

· Service up to 12 hours for deep purpose and countryside for various stationary with on tour amenity sort.

5 ) full day’s Rents 24 Hours with driver, Gasoline

· Service leases vehicle up to 24 Hours with driver for at uses at in as well as at countryside with ministering maximal

6 ) Monthly Rents with or without driver

· Lease Monthly vehicle and also Annual at the price that so competitive and having to more that tall deep vehicle purpose can at uses by driver and also not with driver.

7 ) Bride vehicle Rents

· Are ministering one cover Bridegroom vehicle procurement

following with its decoration that gets at uses up to 9 Hours

8 ) Laboring Place Services Drivers

Are driver Work Assignment Service, earlier one have at does Verify address and Expert at the least up to 3 Years

All driver that we employs is drivers that really professional, and all driver that our post gets to converse deep English language with every consideration, and really knows To Take The Air at Jakarta and also at Jakarta Countryside.


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